Cocktail Life

BBQ Cocktail Party Box

£39.00 £48.00

The BBQ Cocktail Life Party Box is perfect when you fancy exploring a few different cocktails during your event!

Step 1

You can choose 3 Cocktails (Each Cocktail is 2 Servings) so you have 6 servings in total!

Step 2

You can then choose which Seasoning your would like from our Partners Herby Hog!

- BBQ Pork

- Smoky Bacon

- Spicy Chorizo

Herby Hog can be added to your favourite foods. All of Herby Hogs products are plant based with the highest quality natural ingredients and are GM Free! 

Step 3

We will include a pack of Stroodles Pasta Straws! These straws are made from Pasta and are completely flavourless, they hold up much stronger than paper straws and are 100% Biodegradable! They are even edible! 

Also included in your Box

Recipe card for how to create your cocktails and Snacks!

Are you ready for to give your BBQ's an added extra bit of excitement!