Cocktail Life

Ultimate BBQ Cocktail Party Box

£69.00 £80.00

The Ultimate BBQ Cocktail Life Party Box is perfect when you have a few more people round to enjoy cocktails and a BBQ with!

Step 1

You can choose 2 Cocktails (Each Cocktail is 4 Servings) so you have 8 servings in total!

Step 2

You can then choose which 2 Seasonings you would like from our Partners Herby Hog!

- BBQ Pork

- Smoky Bacon

- Spicy Chorizo

Herby Hog can be added to your favourite foods. All of Herby Hogs products are plant based with the highest quality natural ingredients and are GM Free! 

Step 3

We will include a pack of Stroodles Pasta Straws! These straws are made from Pasta and are completely flavourless, they hold up much stronger than paper straws and are 100% Biodegradable! They are even edible! 

Also included in your Box

A 500ml 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker! Worth £15 and your Recipe card for how to create your cocktails and Snacks!

Are you ready for to give your BBQ's an added extra bit of excitement!