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Jubilee Cocktail Box (Mystery Box!)

£60.00 £75.00


Why not celebrate the Queen's Jubilee with plenty of cocktails! Our Jubilee celebration box will be packed with 3 different cocktails (2 servings of each), snacks and lots more goodies for you to celebrate with! 

BUT this time, the box is a mystery! You won't know which fantastic cocktails you will be receiving to add to the excitement! 

AND every Box will also include a COCKTAIL SHAKER (worth £14.99) and a TIPPER (worth £10)

ALSO everyone who buys a Jubilee Mystery Cocktail Box will be entered into a competition to win TWO BOTTLES OF OLD SUN RUM! (1x Original Spiced and 1x Banana Island! Worth £76 all in all!)

LETS CELEBRATE THE JUBILEE IN STYLE! Only a few boxes available! Shipping will begin at the end of this week!

This is an Alcohol Filled Box. We do not have an Alcohol-Free Version unfortunately!