Cocktail Life


So what exactly is Cocktail Life. Here is all your questions, answered.

What am I buying?

You are buying a DIY cocktail box, of your chosen cocktail. You will have the option to order 4 or 6 servings, and we will provide you with all the spirits, mixers and fresh ingredients you will need to make the perfect cocktails.

I don't know how to make cocktails...

Don't fear! Part of our Cocktail Life experience is also teaching you the skills on how to make the cocktails themselves. You will have an easy to follow recipe, that has step by step instructions meaning you will never be lost on what to do. This also means you are making the cocktail fresh, just as you find would in your favourite cocktail bar.

Are they Pre-Made Cocktails?

Absolutely not! Pre-made is basically swearing to us! We don't want you to just enjoy drinking the cocktails. We want to give you the full bar experience in your own home. Our mission is to teach you how to make top quality cocktails yourself and have fun doing it! It's also much fresher and all part of the experience, rather than just pouring it straight out of a bottle/can, where is the fun in that!

I don't think I have the right equipment...

Don't worry! For most cocktails a shaker will suffice... and you can add a cocktail shaker to you order when you check out. 

Whats included in the box?

This is really dependant on your chosen cocktail box. In most boxes you will get of everything you need. Some boxes you may need a couple of things that you will find in your day to day cupboards. For example, Simple syrup is not always provided. But this is made by mixing 1 part sugar and 1 part warm water. Some of our newer cocktails call for Egg Whites. As you can imagine a fresh egg is quite a difficult item to post and could cause quite the mess in your box! So there may be times you will just need to have a quick look in your cupboard for that extra item.

But 99% of the time you will have everything you need delivered to your door, in your box. We also let you know in the description of the cocktail what you will need, so you know before buying.

How much is shipping?

Shipping starts from just £5.99 for orders under £70 and over £70 is free. We try to keep our costs down as much as possible for you, so you can enjoy our cocktails. Please also refer to our Shipping Guidelines for more information.

Can I recycle my box and its contents? 

Yes, everything in your box is recyclable. The environment is very important to us. The box is cardboard and the bottles are either plastic or glass. We also use 2 types of package filling, wood wool which is biodegradable and foam peanuts. The foam peanuts can be simple disolved in boiling water!

Can I buy a box as a gift for someone?

Yes of course you can! Just change the shipping address to your recipients address. At the moment we can't offer scheduled delivery or any inserts / notes in the package.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will be sent a tracking number soon as your order has been shipped.

Can I request a cocktail?

At the moment you can't request a cocktail, but we are always keen to hear about cocktails you want to see on our menu. So please do let us know!

I want to buy multiple boxes for my business?

We have already had lots of corporate requests and we love putting together packages to suit your needs, please get in touch at and we can provide you with a personalised quote. (Minimum order quantity when bulk ordering)

Can I return my box?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns due to the contents of our boxes. If you are not happy or you have any questions regarding your box, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We use a third party to fulfil our boxes and they are still learning how things are done, any feedback is greatly appreciated and we will endeavour to solve any issues that may arise

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