Cocktail Life

Cocktail Party Box - Standard


The Cocktail Life Party Box Standard is perfect when you fancy exploring a few range different cocktails for yourself, for a party or an event! 

Choose from a select range of cocktails and enjoy bar quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home!

You can choose any 3 Cocktails from the list (Each Cocktail is 2 Servings)

Also included in your Box

- Recipe card

- Snacks!

If you fancy have a choice of some of our premium cocktails, then check out our Premium Party Box!

*You will need to have Egg White at home - we don't transport eggs.


Q- Whats the difference between standard and premium cocktail party boxes? 

A - Our standard party boxes don't include all the cocktails we have to offer, but it's a cheaper option if you want to stick to a budget or want to just save a few pennies but still enjoy some cocktails! You still get the highest quality of cocktails!

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